There are too many choices in the Cryptoverse. I thought it would be useful to share the best crypto tools I personally use right now. Also, I’ve also been able to negotiate an exclusive deal or two to ensure you guys get the best value possible 🥳

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  • Hottest Crypto Merch

    I hate YouTube ads and I am sure you do too. Even worse, scammers buy that YouTube ad space to promote their dodgy giveaways. That is why I have never switched on those YouTube ads.

    I am going to level with you, creating all this crypto content is super expensive. Losing all that ad revenue does really hit my pocket book. So, I decided to open up my new merch store selling exclusive Coin Bureau merch to allow you guys to support my work on YouTube.

    I plan to use any proceeds from this to continue improving the quality of my content!

    Right now, I am designing and adding new t-shirts to the store. However, if this works out, I’ll certainly be looking to add new products like hoodies.

  • Binance – Exclusive 20% Trading Fee Discount For Life + $600 Bonus*!

    Seriously guys, if you are going to stay in crypto for any length of time, then chances are you are going to need a Binance account at some point. So, why not get the best possible Binance deal whilst you are at it?

    For those that have already got a Binance account and want to get the deal, well you might be able to create a new one with a different email address.

  • Bitget – 20% Fee Discount For Life + $40k Bonus + Exclusive Coin Bureau Trading Promo

    Most crypto veterans know that decent liquidity, access to a wide range of altcoins and a great trading fee discounts are what to look for in an exchange. Bitget offers all that and more.

    So, if you are looking to try a new crypto exchange then you can’t go too far wrong with Bitget and the phenomenal deal we’ve been able to negotiate for you!

  • Binance US – The Best Place For 🇺🇸 To Trade!

    Binance is a household name when it comes to crypto trading and for good reason. It provides one of the best trading interfaces around, offers access to over 150 cryptos, and has low trading fees. New users can also get $10 FREE!

    All that makes it one of the best options around for Americans to get into and trade crypto.

    🇺🇸 Best for US Traders
  • OKX – Exclusive 40% Spot Trading Fee Discount + Get Up To $20K In Bonuses

    Yes, OKX has been around since 2016. However, most of the exchange’s focus has previously been on the Asian market. Times have changed and OKX appears to be intent on cracking the West with their recent rebrand.

    There is a massive range of 100’s of alts for you to choose from and you can even buy crypto with Visa, bank transfer, Mastercard and ApplePay.

    On top of all of that, I’ve yet to see a lifetime trading fee discount higher than I’ve been able to get you guys on OKX. A 40% spot trading fee discount for life is quite simply ridiculous and well worth you grabbing whilst you can!

    Best Raising Alt Exchange
  • Swissborg – DEPOSIT €50 GET UP TO €100 FREE!

    The internet is awash with unhappy Coinbase customers complaining about shoddy customer support, high fees and a limited selection of cryptos. However, there is a new kid on the crypto block that is disrupting all that with a truly simple and quick way to convert those Euros and Pounds into your favourite cryptocurrencies.

    Yes, you can buy and sell that crypto quickly and easily in a simple and straight-forwad app. Really, crypto doesn’t need to be cryptic. However, Swissborg also offers top-notch interest rates on your cryptos too with up to 37% interest available! That’s better than your bank will offer you by quite a margin!

  • Kucoin – Trading Fee Discount of Up To 60% + FREE Trading Bot!

    Ask any crypto old timer and chances are that they have an account at Kucoin. After all, one out of every four crypto hodler’s does! That’s not a surprise given the selection of hundreds of altcoins on the exchange and a range of top-notch features like a great free crypto trading bot.

    Normally, Kucoin VIP level 3 requires you to buy and hold 20,000 KCS for 30 days. Yes, that’s about $235,000 worth of crypto right there! However, that VIP level can reduce those trading fees from 0.1% maker and taker fees to just 0.04% maker and 0.064% taker. In other words, maker fees are discounted by up to 60%!

    Top Exotic Alt Exchange

    Yes, to get those top discounts you will also need to pay your fees in KCS and that’s why it’s probably a good idea to have a few of those KCS tokens hanging around in your account.

    Yes, VIP level 3 sounds incredible. However, who has $235k lying around to spend on those KCS tokens? The good news is that for a limited-time only, anyone signing up using my link will get an upgrade to VIP level 3 on Kucoin for 30 days! That upgrade doesn’t require you to hold any KCS at all to get it!

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  • Unstoppable Domains – Spend $250 & Get $125 In FREE Domains!*

    With any new emerging asset class, it is those that get in on the ground floor that stand to make the biggest gains. After all, imagine if you had the foresight to get into regular internet domains in the 1990s.

    You could have swooped in for a few dollars and scooped up domains like which later went on to sell for nearly $50 million. Now, that’s a serious return on investment. If you’re interested in checking out the crazy prices for publicly reported domain sales, then you can check out a list of the most expensive domains here!


    So, why the crazy prices? Well, the way I like to think about domains is that they are like online real estate and, let’s face it, an ever increasing amount of business is being done online. What that means is that if there is an entrepreneur or business that needs that domain you are holding, then they will pay through the nose to get it.

    Blockchain domains are the new kids on the block. They differ from regular domains in two key ways:

    1. No one apart from the domain owner can take them down.
    2. The domain readable crypto addresses with human readable ones. So, that means people can send me crypto to Coinbureau.crypto.

    Right now, on Unstoppable Domains you can get your hands on .crypto and .zil domains to flip for profit later. I honestly believe these to be some of the best blockchain assets out there and I cannot believe people are not talking about it. So the question is: Are you going to snooze on this new emerging asset class?

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  • Trezor – The Safest Crypto Wallet In The World!

    Let’s not sugar coat it, crypto is like the Wild West – full of bandits and hackers looking to steal your coins.

    The good news is that Trezor specializes in making devices for people like you and me to store our crypto safely. These hardware wallets store your private keys and do not expose them to the outside world. This defends against malicious attacks such as keyloggers and phishing scams.

    Right now, there is no safer way to store your crypto and that is why most serious investors store their coins on a Trezor hardware device. Sure, you can take your chances and use a free crypto wallet. However, if you want to treat your cryptocurrency like the million dollars it could be worth one day, then do yourself a favour and get a Trezor.

    Why Should You Get A Trezor?
  • Ngrave – 10% OFF The Coldest Hardware Wallet

    Sadly, crypto is full of rogues and thieves wanting to steal your crypto. That means that security is something that people with a hefty portfolio should prioritise.

    NGRAVE has created perhaps the coldest hardware wallet on the market. It is a 100% offline wallet that gives you the highest protection against online hackers. On top of that, it is one of the easiest-to-use wallets we’ve seen.

    The Coldest Hardware Wallet
  • Ellipal: 10% OFF Air-Gapped Cold Wallet

    Crypto is still like the Wild West, full of highwaymen and undesirables. That means it is incredibly important to keep your crypto portfolio safe.

    The main threat to crypto hodlers is remote attacks from crypto bandits. But an air-gapped cold wallet helps protect you against that by being 100% isolated from the internet. So yep, one of these hardware wallets fully protects you from unauthorised access, hacks, malware, and online security threats.

    Ellipal Titan Vs Titan Mini
  • Ledger – Store 1000+ Cryptos In Cold Storage

    After the FTX debacle, more and more hodler’s are beginning to understand the importance of taking custody of your own crypto portfolio.

    Here’s the problem though – many hardware wallets have relatively limited coin and token support. However, Ledger has one of the widest coverage of coin and token support for any hardware wallet out there. This means if you have a portfolio with a bunch of exotic altcoins, then a Ledger is probably what you want to keep your portfolio secure.

    Store 1000+ Cryptos In Cold Storage
  • Shrimpy – Top Crypto Bot With Social Trading | Exclusive 30% Discount

    Are you a crypto hodler that is frustrated by constantly having to rebalance your portfolio? Or are you wishing there was an easier way to dollar cost average into a dozen cryptos or more? Well, Shrimpy does all that and is probably the solution you need!

    Also, the fact remains that most people don’t have all day to be monitoring those crypto markets. Instead, wouldn’t it be easier to find a top crypto trader and just copy their trades? Shimpy’s social trading function allows you to do exactly that, which means that hardcore crypto traders can do all the hard work.

    Not quite sure if Shrimpy is for you? Well, you can try it for free and get an exclusive 30% discount if you commit to that subscription.

  • Cryptohopper – 7 Day FREE Trial | World Class Crypto Trading Bot

    Crypto markets are open 24/7 and that means that it’s easy to miss massive market moves and trading opportunities in your sleep. Some traders are happy to miss out but others grab themselves a top trading bot instead.

    But that’s not all you can do with CryptoHopper; you can also test out and refine that trading strategy using backtesting – pretty neat!

    Still not sure if CryptoHopper is for you? Well, why not check it out with a FREE 7 day trial?

  • Accointing: 40% OFF Top Crypto Tax Solution

    Tax seems to take more brains to calculate than to generate those profits in the first place.

    Sure, you can do your best to learn about all those complex tax rules and painstakingly calculate your tax bill manually. Or you can automate that complicated process and save yourself countless days by using a crypto tax tool like Accointing.

  • Koinly – Do Your Crypto Taxes In 20 Minutes!

    There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Yes, you could pretend that those crypto trades didn’t happen. However, they are all there on the blockchain and I think it’s kind of stressful having to worry about those tax officers knocking at your door.

    But, preparing taxes is a pain and super time consuming. However, there is a way around all that and that would be using a crypto tax solution. You can use one of those and automate as much of the process as possible.

    Personally, I use Koinly for all that tax mumbo jumbo. It makes filling crypto taxes a breeze.

    ⚡Do your crypto taxes lightening fast